Gym vs Yoga: Which is better for your Health?

Gym and Yoga are two entirely different methods to develop a healthy body. Choosing one among the two entirely depends on your current physical condition and your health goals. If you are leading a sedentary life either of the gym and yoga can help you improve your health. But so does a daily walk, jog […]

Foods to Improve Bone Health in Children by Dr Niraj Vora

Childhood is the most significant time for a healthy groundwork for a lifetime of bones. According to the experts, skeleton’s density is formed over the course of puberty. The bone health in children as well as in adolescents is significantly becoming important. Childhood is the right age to work on strengthening of bones. The journal […]

Suresh Vishwanathan Reviews Dr Niraj Vora Post Surgery

I was suffering from severe knee degeneration for the last few years and have been consulting various orthopaedic specialists. Even my movements inside the office, leave alone, going out for official meetings, had become extremely difficult and excruciatingly painful. I was counselled that Total Knee Replacement (TKR) was the only solution to better the quality of my […]

Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Surgery by Dr Niraj Vora

With recent medical science developments, one can evaluate the progress in the field of orthopaedic surgery. Doctors across the medical fields are working tirelessly to create a better medical experience for the patients. Orthopaedic surgeons use both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat musculoskeletal trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis for knee – Dr Niraj Vora

Aging is inevitable. As we age our body goes through numerous changes. Greying of hair, wrinkles on the face, weaker eye sight, joint pains and what not. Anything and everything can still be tolerated but the pain is something that makes our life difficult. People spend days and months undergoing physiotherapy and other massage therapies […]

Somya Dixit Shares Her Mother’s Knee Surgery Review – Dr Niraj Vora

“For an ill person there is no religion, whoever gives him/her new life becomes their GOD” I never understood pure meaning of the line until I met Dr. Niraj Vora and he operated my mother for arthritis. Well to start my story we have to go back to two years from now when my mother […]

Sofiya Kunda – Right Total Hip Replacement Review – Dr Niraj Vora

I am writing this mail specially to thank you and the entire team of Sunridges Hospital. My wife Sofiya,my family and I wish to express our Gratitude to you for being a kind, generous and intellectual mentor, we are grateful that you have guided us and provided the necessary support for us to gain confidence […]

Arnavaz P Bharucha – A Patient Review on Dr Niraj Vora for Knee Replacement Surgery

My walking slowed down since the last two years. But, this did not restrict my spirit from travelling to Australia, Singapore, US & Canada. However, my Knee Pain was gradually increasing. I kept using a knee support elastic crepe from the time I would wake up in the morning until I hit the bed at […]

Exercises For Your Bad Knee

While the knee plays a pivotal role in body movements like walking, jumping and running, putting excess strain can cause damage to the knee says  Dr Niraj Vora, the Best Knee Surgeon in Mumbai. Constant pressure can cause a bad knee when it is unable to bear too much strain, but there are exercises for […]

Lower Back Pain Exercises by Dr. Niraj Vora

Lower back pain can be debilitating and a constraint to normal physical activities unless properly treated, says  Dr Niraj Vora, undoubtedly the best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai. Chronic lower back pain are those which lasts for more than 12 weeks and the ways to get relief from it includes a range of exercises. The  Best […]