Best Exercises to Relieve Knee Pain – Dr. Niraj Vora

Regular exercise can be of great help to those patients who are suffering from acute arthritis problems. Over the years, health experts have identified some of the best exercises for knee pain. If you are looking for an answer how to stop knee pain, you must follow a regular exercise regime. Exercise helps in maintaining the joint’s full range of motion and strengthens the muscle that supports the joint. Let’s take a look at some of the knee pain exercises to relieve-

The first and foremost form that needs to be mentioned here is walking- it is an excellent form of exercise. However, apart from that there are some knee exercises that you can practice at home-

  • The Leg Raise: Lie flat on your back on the floor with your arms at the side of your body, toes up  in the air. Keep your leg straight and tighten your muscles and slowly lift it. While doing the  exercise tightens your stomach muscles to push your lower back down.
  • The Half Squat: Standing with your feet shoulder distance apart, stretch your arms out in front  of you and slowly bend your knees to half sitting position. Keep repeating this position for at least 10 times. This exercise strengthens the muscle in your thighs.
  • The One-Leg Dip: Stand between two chairs for better balance, now you lift one leg about 12  inches and hold it out in front of you. While you do this, ensure you are keeping your back straight,  bend the other leg and lower your body a few inches like as if you are going to sit in a chair. Do not    cross the lifted leg in front of the bent leg. Hold on to this position for ten seconds and get back to  your original posture.

The aforementioned exercises are easy and quite flexible. You can easily do them at your leisure, hence you can get relief from knee pain at the earliest. After the exercise put an ice pack on the sore knee for 10 minutes, it helps in soothing the pain. In case if the pain persists, it is better to consult a doctor as Knee replacement may be needed. There are multiple knee replacement surgery benefits that can help you to keep the pain in bay. You can get in touch with the best knee replacement doctors in Mumbai for better insight on knee surgery.