Dr Niraj Vora : Benefits of Walking for Stronger Bones and Joints

Walking and running are absolutely essential to keep fit. One should dedicate atleast an hour of a day for walking preferably in early morning or in the evening. Benefits of walking, helps in building strong bones. There is a scientific reason which backs the benefits of walking and running for bones.

Walking importance’s for health:

If a person does not go through any physical activity for days his muscles and tissues rust up and the person faces problems at a later stage. Continuously running or walking will keep the muscles active and also burns calories which helps to keep a person fit and healthy. A person can have many health benefits of walking. It helps a person to stay agile, to reduce weight and also fights a few diseases like Diabetes etc.

How does walking help to joint pains?

Walking continuously, keeps the joints active, joints don’t rust up and stay in working condition.
There are many regular walking benefits for healthy bones and a person must walk or run in order to fight bone diseases and keep strong bones especially in the leg region.


There are a few orthopaedic surgeons highly recommend on walking and running for stronger bones. Though there are medicines and other surgeries for bone decay or other problems with bones but walking and regular exercise will help you not only fight but prevent these bone problems. Dr Niraj Vora, a specialist in joint replacement surgery and hip replacement specialist in Mumbai advises his patients to walk or run even after the surgery for better results. Weight of a person can also take a toll on the joints and hinges of legs of a patient. Walking helps to reduce weight, thus solving all the joint problems. Dr Niraj Vora, a top orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai  strongly recommends walking which is a solution to all kinds of problems related to bones, joints and hinges.

Need for strong bones:

Without strong bones a person will not lead a normal life. He will have all kinds of problems with walking and taking every step in life. Thus one should keep his bones strong and walking is the best way to do that.
Walking even reduces the chance of heart attacks as it decreases the risk of developing coronary artery disease. Thus walking and running have many important benefits.