Dr Niraj Vora: Exercise and Physical Therapy To Reduce Knee and Hip Pain

Many depends upon exercises and physical therapy to reduce knee and hip pain after total knee replacement and hip replacement surgery for reducing the period of convalescence. It is the best hip replacement consultants mumbai, who will give proper advice on the rehabilitation routine. Eminent among these consultants is dr. Niraj Vora, the best total hip replacement surgeon mumbai, who will provide you with the best advice on how to stop knee pain through various exercises that include floor exercises for strengthening the hip and knee joints.

According to him, best exercises for knee pain include strict exercise plan and manual therapy for getting relief from lumbar stiffness and mobilization of the back. Other knee pain exercises to relieve from stiffness and pain include exercises on thigh strengthening, strengthening of the hip on the back and sides, and leg lift. Being the leading among best knee replacement doctors mumbai, dr. Niraj Vora will guide patients on physical therapy depending upon the individual body condition of the patient. This will include how to add strength to the butt, tone the core muscles, stretching the muscles supporting the knees, lower leg and foot exercises and how to maintain a healthy weight. He is the best knee replacement specialist in mumbai, having performed thousands of total knee replacement surgeries and have helped his patients to get back to normal activities within short period. He is the authority to advice on total knee replacement surgery requirements to ensure pain free movement as early as possible. Best solutions will be provided under his supervision through physical therapy and a set of physical exercises that, if strictly followed can bring substantial relief from pain in the knees.

From the beginning, dr. Niraj Vora, undoubtedly the best knee replacement specialist in mumbai will provide patients on valuable advice on whether total knee replacement is absolutely necessary, or physical therapy and medication can help to bring total relief from knee and hip pain. He will advise on the equipment needed for exercise like foam, pillow, exercise ball, band and other tools which may be required during the rehab period. Other methods of recovery, on which he is specialized include foot biomechanics, electrical stimulation, Ultrasound Ice and steroid injection, but the best ways of recovery, as he opines, are manual physical therapy and routine exercises. More information about his profile is available at http://www.drnirajvora.com/.