Dr.Niraj Vora – Life After Knee Replacement Surgery

Although it may be challenging enough to get back to normal activities after a knee replacement surgery, physical therapy and exercise can be the most important factors that can help you to overcome the challenges.

There are methods through which you can pursue short term as well as long term recovery, but all depends upon the gravity of the problem. Methods for short term recovery include activities while at the hospital, as prescribed, in order to prevent any blood clots inside the vein. Physical therapy exercises will include pain exercises to relieve pain as prescribed by doctors, such as Dr. Niraj Vora, a leading knee replacement specialist in mumbai. After getting released from the hospital, the first six weeks are most important, as, physical therapy best exercises for knee pain can work wonders and bring substantial relief from knee pain.

The post surgical period is important, which takes 3 to 6 months to recover fully, during which time you will need to be cautious from infections and inform your dentist about your surgery, in case of any dental implant. You should also abstain from doing any work that involves high impact, so that the affected area is protected from a fresh injury. You can consult dr. niraj vora, one of the best knee replacement doctors in mumbai for advice on what to do during the period of convalescence. Lifting weights more than 40 Kg. and participating in contact sports may be harmful and can aggravate the injury. Treatments for stiffness in the knee after total knee replacement include manipulation and revision surgery. Manipulation involves stretching of the scar tissue, while revision surgery will require the wound to be opened again and the scar excised. In both the cases, following up with physical therapy is most important I order to get back to normal activities as early as possible. These are total knee replacement surgery requirements which can provide multiple knee replacement surgery benefits.

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