Hip Flexor Strain Causes, Symptoms and Exercises By Dr. Niraj Vora

Hip flexor strain is common with athletes, where the flexor muscles are subjected to strain due to fast walking or during a sprint and result in the tear of a single or multiple muscles. The pain can be debilitating when there is a rupture of one or more flexor muscles. According to Dr Niraj Vora, the  Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai, a sudden stretch of the flexor muscles due to a long kick of the football or a short sprint can result in the strain of the flexor muscles. The strain may cause abrupt tears of the muscle or augment the process of tearing over a time.

The Common Hip Flexor Problems and Symptoms can be assigned to sports like football where the flexor muscles are subjected to strain due to continuous kicking and running. The symptoms include nagging pain in the groin, development of a sudden pain which increases when you move the thigh vertically, and bruises noticed at the place of inflammation. In some cases, you can feel the tenderness in the frontal region of the hip. The Hip Flexor Healing Time depends greatly on the type of Hip Flexor Treatment, which can vary depending upon the severity of the injury.

What the Best Hip Treatment Specialist, Dr Niraj Vora advice’s is to try out home remedies if the injury is not that much more severe. He also suggests some exercises and following some tips in order to stay away from hip flexor strain. Applying an ice pack on the affected region every 3 to 4 hours can help the pain to be sustained for about half an hour. Massaging with ice in the core region can also help in reducing the pain. Applying a heating pad over the affected region can help the muscles to stay relaxed. If neither of these help to alleviate the pain, medications for relieving pain can be the last resort. The exercises that he suggests include Hip Flexor Stretch, Heel Slide, Quadriceps Stretch, Straight Leg Raise, Hip Flexion, Resisted Hip Flexion and Hip Extension While Lying. While starting these exercises it is important to have a physical training specialist guiding you properly so that there are no adverse effects.

Dr. Niraj Vora also suggests warming up your body and other muscles before any activity that can be stressful and not to sit in one posture for long hours. He is available for appointment when you contact him through http://drnirajvora.com/.