Lower Back Pain Exercises by Dr. Niraj Vora

Lower back pain can be debilitating and a constraint to normal physical activities unless properly treated, says  Dr Niraj Vora, undoubtedly the best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai. Chronic lower back pain are those which lasts for more than 12 weeks and the ways to get relief from it includes a range of exercises. The  Best […]

Hip Flexor Strain Causes, Symptoms and Exercises By Dr. Niraj Vora

Hip flexor strain is common with athletes, where the flexor muscles are subjected to strain due to fast walking or during a sprint and result in the tear of a single or multiple muscles. The pain can be debilitating when there is a rupture of one or more flexor muscles. According to Dr Niraj Vora, […]

Knee Hyperextension Injury Treatment

Some athletes across a wide range of sporting activities are prone to problems relating to knee hyperextension, which is a common problem among athletes. The causes of the Common Knee Problems and Symptoms vary depending upon the actual cause of the injury. In many cases, the condition of the knee can be debilitating and show […]

Things You Need To Know About Running

Running indeed is a great exercise for body as it helps fighting excessive weight gain and keeps the body active and healthy. Furthermore, it also eliminates depression and boosts up the confidence. But as very well said, little knowledge is a dangerous thing – so is the case with running. Before you decide to run, […]

Most Commonly Seen Orthopedic Injuries in Men and Women

While both men and women are susceptible to orthopedic risks, an interesting factor comes to light, after a recent study revealed that gender inequality may influence the degree of injury and also the recovery period. This is due to the difference in their physical structures, hormones, genetics and structural anatomies, that determine the degree of […]

How to Prevent Shin Splints

Shin Splints is one of the most common injuries suffered by runners, when running fast and within a short time, due to excess stress being put on the shin bones. When the shin bones and the tissues connecting them, do not get sufficient rest after a workout or training session, where running is involved, there […]

Tips for keeping your neck and back healthy

Unhappily back pain is one of the most general physical injuries in many people. A back and neck injury doesn’t essentially have to occur physical activities; it happens when you sit at a desk for a long time in the wrong position, an unexpected movement or from your job and body. It is very complicated […]

Time to Take Knee Treatment and Causes of Knee Pain

You never know the time, when you might have to take help of knee pain treatment, as knee pain can happen anytime. This pain is enough to hinder proper movement, and you will be left with no other option but to incorporate medicines and pills in your diet. Now, there are some common causes, giving […]

Ways To Accelerate The Hip Replacement Recovery

At present, undergoing hip replacement recovery through surgery has become a common practice, among men and women, especially older adults. This procedure helps in alleviating pain and allows seniors with increasing mobility. It even helps them to regain their independence. If you are facing any immobility and need some help, experts are always there to […]

If I Need a Total Knee Replacement, What Are My Options?

Total Knee replacement is necessary when noninvasive techniques, medications and use of a walking aid are no longer helpful in alleviating the pain in the knee joints. It is important that you consider visiting  any of the best knee replacement consultants in order to check whether you are a candidate for Knee joint resurfacing surgery. […]