Gentle Yoga Moves for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief

Yoga has been proven as one of the natural remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis to provide relief from pain. There are yoga moves that are gentle and help in getting substantial rheumatoid pain relief. Besides providing other benefits, there are some yoga moves that can provide relief from flare-ups caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis. There are some […]

What are the Risk Factors For Hip Arthritis?

Extensive research and findings have established that there are certain risk factors causing hip arthritis. Injury to the hip like surgery or a joint trauma like broken hip can be a cause of hip arthritis, besides, disease of the bones, congenital defects and hereditary are other risk factors exhibited by hip arthritis. According to any […]

Dr.Niraj Vora – Necessary Precautions for Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Taking necessary precautions after total hip replacement surgery can help in early convalescence and prevent the danger of the injury from aggravating. There are guidelines provided by surgeons like Dr Niraj Vora, a leading total hip replacement surgeon mumbai, on the precautions to be taken while doing normal activities. It is advisable that you get […]

What Type Of Exercises Are Best For People With Joint Problems?

One question that arises in mind when following rehabilitation process for joint problems is the myths about whether exercises can provide good results for those suffering from arthritis. To dispel any doubts on the results that exercises for people with joint problems can provide, here are some of the best exercises for joint problems that […]

Dr.Niraj Vora – Life After Knee Replacement Surgery

Although it may be challenging enough to get back to normal activities after a knee replacement surgery, physical therapy and exercise can be the most important factors that can help you to overcome the challenges. There are methods through which you can pursue short term as well as long term recovery, but all depends upon […]

Dr Niraj Vora: Exercise and Physical Therapy To Reduce Knee and Hip Pain

Many depends upon exercises and physical therapy to reduce knee and hip pain after total knee replacement and hip replacement surgery for reducing the period of convalescence. It is the best hip replacement consultants mumbai, who will give proper advice on the rehabilitation routine. Eminent among these consultants is dr. Niraj Vora, the best total […]

Precautions of Total Knee Replacement Surgery

At this present scenario, you will be amazed to see so many modern technical advancements, meant for knee replacement. No matter how tough your situation is, you are asked to get acquainted with best doctor for knee replacement surgery in Mumbai, ready to be your best guidance. Post-surgical means comprise of physical therapy, which again […]

What Type of Exercise is Best for People with Hip Problems?

Everyone knows that sciatica pain is more or less close to paralyzing. You can either come across tingling, numb or burning sensation, as provided by drnirajvora, who is your one stop solution. This pain generally comes down from the back side of your calf area, legs or even soles of feet. Any form of physical […]

Valuable Tips for Early Recovery after Hip Replacement Surgery

For any kind of hip injury, surgical procedure is considered to be the best option so far. It is fast, and with positive result, most of the time. Now, depending on the crucial rate of your hip surgical, recovering period might vary. If you are planning to take help of best recovery tips, drnirajvora is […]

Trauma Surgery Procedure and Their Benefits

Whenever the main concern lies with trauma surgery, you are mainly dealing with orthopedic services. Through this method, people will get relief from pain, due to problems in bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, tendons and muscles. There are several other trauma treatments and purpose and benefits of trauma surgery, which might take place after any accident […]