Different Exercises for People with Hip Problems – Dr.NirajVora

Pain in the hip is caused by the loss of strength in the muscles in that area. The pain caused by any damage to the cartilage gets aggravated when the muscles are no longer able to prevent the bone surfaces from rubbing against each other. As you feel more pain, you move less. As you […]

Dr.NirajVora – Protect Your Hips From Arthritis Damage

The hips allow you to move your legs in all directions. The thigh bone or femur is shaped like a semicircular ball that moves inside the socket of the hip bone called pelvis. To facilitate the free movement of the ball and socket, a thin membrane called the cartilage covers the surfaces. The cartilage holds […]

Risks and Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery

Men and ladies who experience from hip discomfort may think of getting their infected waist substitute to prevent the repeating discomfort, wellness reviews display. There are thousands of  Hip replacement surgeries which are taking place every year and the number is on the increase pace. Although the surgery treatment is relatively secure, there are some […]

Best Exercises to Relieve Knee Pain – Dr. Niraj Vora

Regular exercise can be of great help to those patients who are suffering from acute arthritis problems. Over the years, health experts have identified some of the best exercises for knee pain. If you are looking for an answer how to stop knee pain, you must follow a regular exercise regime. Exercise helps in maintaining […]


Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis also called as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease.  This is one of the common forms of arthritis, nothing but a degenerative joint disease which affects any joint in your body, along with your hips. Osteoarthritis is of two types, they are: Primary: In primary stage osteoarthritis affects the spine, fingers, knees, thumbs […]

Dr Niraj Vora : Benefits of Walking for Stronger Bones and Joints

Walking and running are absolutely essential to keep fit. One should dedicate atleast an hour of a day for walking preferably in early morning or in the evening. Benefits of walking, helps in building strong bones. There is a scientific reason which backs the benefits of walking and running for bones.

Dr Niraj Vora – How are Knee Problems diagnosed?

Diagnosis of knee pain should start at an early stage. If there is prolonged pain, swelling, and brushing across the knee joints, the orthopaedic surgeon is likely to conduct certain tests like the cross-sectional tomography of the knees, resonance imaging through magnetic devices, and even the ultrasound and specific blood tests for getting an idea […]

Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Niraj Vora is famous knee surgeon in Mumbai, who can perform the surgery in most unique and trendy way. Joint pains have become very common these days with the stress filled professions and irregular eating habits that makes people obese. Obesity in turn puts pressure on knees and hip joints while walking in long […]

The Best Knee Replacement Surgeon – Dr. Niraj Vora

Knee is an important part of the human body, it has weight-bearing joint that play a crucial role in the movement of legs. The knee joints consists of femur, tibia and patella in medial and lateral compartments. There are four ligaments in knee that stabilizes it, two ligaments in center called as cruciate and the […]