Rheumatoid Arthritis for knee – Dr Niraj Vora

Aging is inevitable. As we age our body goes through numerous changes. Greying of hair, wrinkles on the face, weaker eye sight, joint pains and what not. Anything and everything can still be tolerated but the pain is something that makes our life difficult.

People spend days and months undergoing physiotherapy and other massage therapies to treat their ailing joints. They even take various pain-killers which at some point of time has various side effects on their bodies.

With time, technology has progressed a lot and it has given us the privilege of getting all the luxuries at our doorstep and eventually, this has led to decrease in the physical activities. This weakens the bones and joints with time making them prone to various problems like muscle pulls, arthritis, knee problems, fractures etc. The joint pains which occur in old people mostly lead to arthritis.

Arthritis in knees is one of the commonly occurring problems in old age. There are different kinds of arthritis like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, lupus etc. Out of all these, rheumatoid arthritis is very common among the age group of 30-60.

Rheumatoid arthritis for the knee is more like a chronic auto-immune disease where the immune system of a person dysfunctions and attacks the healthy tissue linings of the knee joints and damages it over time. The damage of the knee joint tissue causes inflammation, breaks the joints and leaves the knee swollen. With the knee swollen and the damaged tissue lining, it becomes very painful for the patients to move their legs.

The pain caused can be treated with medications like NSAID, aspirin and analgesics, but they might not give you a permanent relief.

However, if these non-surgical methods fail, one can move ahead with a knee replacement surgery with proper consultation from the doctor or surgeon.

Dr Niraj Vora one of the best joint replacement surgeons in Mumbai suggests that after some tests and diagnosis, once the cause of the knee pain is confirmed the suitable treatment shall begin.

The process is not of a complex kind, as knee replacement surgeries are now equipped with OrthAlign technology which enables painless movement, precise alignment and early recovery. Early recovery eventually saves a great deal as you don’t have to pay hefty hospital bill`s for several days.

Dr Niraj Vora believes that OrthAlign technology is a great help to surgeons and patients both, as it gives the best results to the patients and helps them lead a pain-free life.

Painkillers are an option for the patients but most of them cause side effects. Researchers in India have made a progress and given us easy access to new medicines which have less or no side effects. So, the knee replacement surgery should only be opted for if these medicines do not work out well.

The fact being that no one can escape the phenomena of ageing, one should start taking proper care and involve themselves in physical activities so that their joints remain flexible.

And for those who are already suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, it’s not the time to lose hope if the non-surgical treatments are not working out for you.

Knee replacement is a hassle-free procedure and you can walk the next day after your knee is replaced. So, it’s time for you to permanently leave behind your painful knee and enjoy a healthy life to the fullest.