Somya Dixit Shares Her Mother’s Knee Surgery Review – Dr Niraj Vora

“For an ill person there is no religion, whoever gives him/her new life becomes their GOD”

I never understood pure meaning of the line until I met Dr. Niraj Vora and he operated my mother for arthritis.

Well to start my story we have to go back to two years from now when my mother started complaining about her knee pain. That time we thought it might be a normal Knee Pain and we started some pain killer for her relief. But sadly the pain kept increasing and it moved from one leg to both.

Dr. Niraj is one of the doctors who will not forget you once the surgery is done. He visited daily to keep a close eye on my mother’s recovery. He is totally a tech-savvy person and you can always expect reply of your e-mail within few minutes.

Somya Dixit shares review on her Mother’s Mrs. Purnima Dixit  Knee Surgery performed by Dr Niraj Vora.