What are the Risk Factors For Hip Arthritis?

Extensive research and findings have established that there are certain risk factors causing hip arthritis. Injury to the hip like surgery or a joint trauma like broken hip can be a cause of hip arthritis, besides, disease of the bones, congenital defects and hereditary are other risk factors exhibited by hip arthritis.

According to any total hip replacement surgeon, aging is one of the prime factors of this disease, because, the hips and cartilages experience wear and tear, leading to possibilities to OA. Studies carried out on both men and women reveal that women are more prone to hip arthritis than men. Other risk factors which are directly related to the OA include lifting heavy weight and climbing the stairs, which can be some of the occupational hazards, as specialists in hip arthroplasty opine. These occupational activities, when carried out in the early stages of life, especially during the age period of 18 to 30, can lead to changes in the structure of the hips. Lifting weights more than 10 kgs or climbing stairs more than 30 times during an average period of one week, continuing for at least one year, can be some of the risk factors of deformity of the hip joints.

As opined by Dr.Niraj Vora, one of the best hip replacement doctor, vigorous exercise, like cycling, swimming, tennis or running, when carried out for more than 20 minutes at a stretch, causing breathlessness or sweating, can also be risk factors. Strenuous household chores like washing windows, scrubbing floors, vacuuming, and other jobs that involve physical exertion and unergonomic postures, are some other causes for OA, leading to hip arthritis. Dr. Niraj Vora is a leading hip replacement specialist in Mumbai, providing a best hip arthroplasty treatment. According to him, any activity that involves putting pressure on the cartilages around the hip joints, and that too very frequently, as may be demanded due to occupational activities, may ultimately have a detrimental effect on the smooth functioning of the hip joint. There are multiple risk factors for OA, which is a unilateral disease, among which obesity can be cited as a major contributor. These risk factors can lead to Total hip replacement surgery, which may involve long periods of convalescence and following strict restrictions on physical activities. Dr. Niraj Vora is available for consultation, and can be contacted through his website, http://www.drnirajvora.com/.