What Type Of Exercises Are Best For People With Joint Problems?

One question that arises in mind when following rehabilitation process for joint problems is the myths about whether exercises can provide good results for those suffering from arthritis. To dispel any doubts on the results that exercises for people with joint problems can provide, here are some of the best exercises for joint problems that have been advised by Dr.NirajVora, the top orthopedic doctor Mumbai.

Aquatic exercises like swimming can help in weight control while keeping off the weight from the joints and muscles. Low impact exercises like Tai Chi and Yoga can help in improving the body balance, posture, relaxation and coordination, and if you want recreational exercises, there can be nothing better than cycling, which will help in keeping the joint muscles strong. Consultation with Dr.Niraj Vora, one of the top orthopedic surgeons in Mumbai, can be made to know more exercises for joint problems that can give effective results. Other exercises for arthritis include standing hip extensions, heel raises, lying single-leg lifts and the figure four stretches, which are helpful in maintaining the flexibility of the joint muscles. These exercises also increase the body balance while being shock absorbers, taking off the pressure from the joints.

Specialist in Joint Replacement surgery Mumbai like Dr. Niraj Vora, has been performing hundreds of joint replacement surgery every year, and suggesting the right exercises to be followed during the period of rehabilitation. Other exercises that can be followed include fitness programs based on dancing, golfing, shuffleboard and treadmill walking. These workouts for arthritis have been recommended by this joint replacement specialist India. For those who are recommended for not so light exercises, cross country skiing, pilates, elliptical machine and outdoor walking can be very useful. There are safe ways which are easy exercises for maintaining flexibility of the joint muscles without aggravating the joints. These include seat forward bend, stretching the hamstring and calf muscles while standing.

While these exercises for people with joint problems can really be effective, it is important to take the advice of the doctor and initially do them under the eyes of a physical instructor. On the contrary, exercises like squats, using machines for leg extension and lunges can be quite detrimental to the rehabilitation process. These exercises can be the worst ones for those suffering from arthritis. Dr. Niraj Vora is available for consultation, and for appointment, you can visit http://www.drnirajvora.com/